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Hello. I have joined this social media platform to increase the standing of serious business online and in the (real) world of mechanical phenomena. Are there any other fans of serious things, such as science or politics, online tonight?

Cream Kultaranta, MSc

@admins: consider a rebrand to Urine Restaurant; if my intuition is correct, a U. R. L. should be written out in a formal manner.

I have a feeling this Mastodon instance may be insufficiently serious...

I would like to come out as a lover of men. You heard me right, I am homosexual.

: all my mugs are plain and humorless, as the drinking of coffee is a serious affair to me.

Just found out about! Fuck this Restarant I'm Ready to party!

Folks who understand what serious business is are more useful to the movement than folks who try to apply it in the wrong places. I apologise, I woke up grumpy today.

which white bastard seeks to challenge me, to unseat me from my hellish throne? step up to the DDR pads and meet your fate...

this whole instance is really taking the piss

Might I interest you in the soup of the day? Its a delightful urea based consomee... ok its just piss.

I wonder if the dishwasher would like to talk about employee action in a serious context.

sitting on my own dick and pissing inside my ass, and nine months later giving birth to more piss out of my ass

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the deep state

ok, this is epic