Just got news that my nephew, Brunclun, had his torso crushed by the gale force of a propeller hat. Please send prayers.

Kristyn keeps texting me John Oliver videos. I think that man came from underground like in Jordan Peele Us but I’m glad to support the Ance

@KristynSmythe ANd I will wear my penis hat to match (It's orange of course. We all know what that represnets)

I'm glad that you'll have us in the Restaurant but the last time this many Smythes were in a restaurant together Applebee's banned us for life!

I still want to make America great again BUT more and more the wonderful "toots" of women on here are convincing me that ol' Donnie Trump won't be the one to do it!

Anyone here like The Big Bang Theory? My son is JUST like Leonard!

@KristynSmythe Yes. But, as you know from your time on the Arkansas pageant circuit, sometimes to survive you must do inhuman things

I never quite got into that Walking Dead show. Im afraid that i much prefer the old Romero films and things of that nature?

@KristynSmythe If my time on the Fedaverse has thought me anything it's the importance of empowered Women like yourself

@KristynSmythe Yeah i stole them. Don't tell my neighbor. Love you!

I'm very glad to finally be somewhere isn't! I am so sick of that cantankerous cantaloupe.

Sorry I'm still new here--- Which instance is considered birdsite? And which is the most heterosexual? Very confused

Everyone say hello to @KristynSmythe? it's looking like a Smythe Family Christmas up in this instance

the deep state

ok, this is epic