Anyone here like The Big Bang Theory? My son is JUST like Leonard!

The show itself has had its moments, but the unscientific intro, and the fact that they never changed it kind of annoyed me

@darkmeson You should try watching Young Sheldon! It's a refreshing change of pace from the regular show. That little kid is so sassy!!

I've seen a few of them (and yes, I liked it better), but they have most of that stuff on at the wrong times, and I don't watch much TV anyway (mostly at bedtime to help beat my brain into a lower gear). I keep thinking I need to get (or build) a digital TV box that can DVR some of it and kick it to my devices, but that's not making much progress moving toward the top of the todo list atm

@KristynSmythe hello kristyn! so happy to meet you. eddie has told me all about you

@citrustwee Nice to meet you too, young lady! Hopefully he hasn't told you anything bad!! Lol!

@KristynSmythe the Harvard undergrad centrist society enjoys the big bang theory very much

@SunSaint Who is your favorite character, The Harvard Undergrad Centrist Society?

@KristynSmythe Harvard undergrad centrist societys fav character is that Sheldon fellow. His own show is so funny

@SunSaint I was just talking about that show to someone else! I think it is very cleverly written.

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ok, this is epic