Had to take a leak before the big meeting this morning. That’s all, good to see you, don’t order the salmon it’s been off for days

We reserve the right to refuse service to cops, landlords and FOSS guys

I had a dream I needed a huge piss, and then I woke up and had one, lmao, anyway do we have any piss fans in the house?

Alts are basically a volume knob for toots

Still using thesaurus dot com like a true fuckin scholar

Sliding into my own DMs like "why am i doing this?"

Someone PLEASE tell me the ending of Please I don’t want to see it in movie theater without knowing

Do you have any idea how hard I had to work to inherit all this money?

Please accept the Terms & Conditions before dining at the Piss Restaurant. Just scroll down, you don't really need to read it.

Just checking in on the piss restaurant, this is still a thing?

in a perfect world a elephant gun is a gun that shoots elephants

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the deep state

ok, this is epic