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Very scary how far the national moral compass 🧭 has drifted!

Wow can’t believe the way Game of Throne ended! Haven’t seen it yet!

I remember something I saw that changed my life. It was 1998. I was at a comedy club called The Blue Clam Laughter. The man onstage, a comedian by the name of Sean Nelson, did an extended joke about Dr. Dre losing his medical license! I wish I could describe the rest of his set to you but I’m afraid I was laughing too hard unfortunately

There’s a lot of people on this website named “Evelien Citrustwee” is that a common name in the PNW area?

When is Yandhi coming out? I don’t like Kanye but I am curious!

WHat? What did that post say I'm sorry i scrolled past it

If you say you don’t like Eminem songs? You can F**k off

White America Eminem is one of the most socially conscious songs of all time

Hey @barfly I found this new rapper you might like he’s called 50 cent

🦅 ⚠️🤣RT @citrustwee bro what if jah and ben shapiro fused

WOW! I am BLOWN Away by this competition! There all really bringing the heat and there are some fine ladies on the stage as well home of Wonder Woman!

liberal arts, or as i like to call it, freakin CNN!

Just found out about Notre Dame?? It will be fine I’m sure

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the deep state

ok, this is epic