I wrote this toot for a girl.

I say fuck you to my ex wife
But we don’t literally have sex
Damn it feels like a past life
And it wasn’t the best!
You know I’ve got these rhymes
But if only I, could have the time
Back I wasted...
Or at least give me back the money from our expensive engagement!

I don’t understand these words people are using to describe me. CIS? HET? LOSER? ASSHOLE? What do these things mean...

“Yippie Kay-Yay, Mother F$@&?r!”
-John McClane

I went fishing for no reason, just for the halibut. #funny #humor #jokes #qanon #comedy

Hot Girl Summer is causing global warming 🥵

1. Never legally marry an American woman
2. Never have children with an American woman
3. If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce!

@RealAlexJones Please Re-Toot! The Message This Country Needs To Hear Right Now!

Hello & Welcome to @RealAlexJones, and may I just say, sir, that you’ve amassed an impressive number of followers!

Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Married? I Thought They Were Just Good Friends...

Lets just say that my games are never done quick ;)

Kanye West should NOT have done that to Tayler Swift

is to talk to them about vintage car’s! Or maybe offer to get a beer

My response when girls thot with me online... Ok, ok, ok... So, why are you horny? No, I'm not gifting you $ through PayPal... Idc if you're bf isn't interested today. Why are you even texting me? Don't you have gfs for that? Tbh you're annoying. It normally goes on for weeks~ xD


Bacon, eggs, and pineapple... the breakfast of Kings!

Those who we might be tempted to call “big leaguers” are living in an Orwellian (1984) future—- keeping their follows to themselves in a system reminiscent of the Soviet Union (see also: Chernobyl). However, those who are on team follow back fare no better—- as they live in Huxley’s “Brave New World” of information overload. If only there was a better way!

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the deep state

ok, this is epic