When is Yandhi coming out? I don’t like Kanye but I am curious!

I'm proud of being who I am and I'm a person that people will know so hate all you want I'm back comrades and this time I'm back in street form so don't get fucked.

I'm a Mississippi boy and KGB finest I'm a communist boy with a street mentality,street like knowledge and experience and hood mentality as well ready to be pissed so if got something against me or don't like me get off my page and if your got something to say do it with kindness cause I'm fighting for the struggle for the struggle and that what I do

🦅 ⚠️🤣RT @citrustwee bro what if jah and ben shapiro fused

It took a lot of work but I completely babyproofed my house. I now have a 20' wide moat going around the exterior of my home, filled with alligators in case of a swimming baby invasion

@socialskeleton perhaps i will make an alt there... but i am forever loyal to my king knzk

@xeno hold on can u post these with a space inbetween... i need it in order to yoink em

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the deep state

ok, this is epic