@Deiru just because I has some knowledge of all USSR/Russia nostalgia in my mind does not mean you ask dumb questions about why I decided to post what I post completely if u don't know I'm been trying to adjust my life being more into others including the nostalgia off all things Russia or USSR no matter what I love for I'm also for others things I like too so stop being asshole and stop asking me things u don't.

Hey people

It good to be back here on Mastodon I been trying to find a way to start something completely different and new I tried others I want to be as my own self but it difficult plus since I decided to leave both Facebook,Twitter,IG,all of the social media sites that becoming more and more less for good and I wanted to give a voice for the people who can't I still believe in free speech but sometimes you have to be neutral, unbiased,never take any sides,but for now let see how it goes.

suspended all kiwifarms & gab instances. this message is pretty much just for smolshrew

If u read this I want to let everyone know I'm not a liberal, I'm not a communist,I'm not a fan of being argue and I'm not a fan of being a someone who being more than a jackass I'm a person who believe in doing what's right and doing the right thing I believe in being a person who can do everything to to make things better I'm a person for change and I'm maybe a young man who is old fashioned but if u want to piss me off try it I dare u not get too far with me cause I'm here to help not argue.

@matt 1. i honestly dunno what you're talking about..
2. nice! post a pic of your dang dog. i wanna see em

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the deep state

ok, this is epic