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in this time like this people who act backwards dumb and just stupid it look like people don't care about folks who how to fight their own battle or fight for being them i care about what people want to help me be but sometime i better do this alone and to be honest i'm not them

i'm me and that what i do to be


"Always try to be nice but never failed to be kind."

Peter Capaldi(The 12th Doctor from Doctor who)

I'm a not playing and this is not a joke but this is for real this is my first and official account for good I been fighting my whole life trying to fight for the streets and the people in the struggle and that not going to change,ever if you got something smart to say or criticism,anything prepare to be block,bitch

I'm not to play with so don't push me,ever.

A lot of gentlemen don’t know that some ladies like a slow approach in the DM start off by saying Hi. And see where the conversation can go!

If you’re a fisherman just know I am listening to every word you say from above these waters so speak wisely when you throw your nets

Tuna culture is just going with the flow

dont talk to me if can't control your feelings to the point where you have to 'make art'

When is Yandhi coming out? I don’t like Kanye but I am curious!

I'm proud of being who I am and I'm a person that people will know so hate all you want I'm back comrades and this time I'm back in street form so don't get fucked.

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the deep state

ok, this is epic