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Hey people

It good to be back here on Mastodon I been trying to find a way to start something completely different and new I tried others I want to be as my own self but it difficult plus since I decided to leave both Facebook,Twitter,IG,all of the social media sites that becoming more and more less for good and I wanted to give a voice for the people who can't I still believe in free speech but sometimes you have to be neutral, unbiased,never take any sides,but for now let see how it goes.

suspended all kiwifarms & gab instances. this message is pretty much just for smolshrew

If u read this I want to let everyone know I'm not a liberal, I'm not a communist,I'm not a fan of being argue and I'm not a fan of being a someone who being more than a jackass I'm a person who believe in doing what's right and doing the right thing I believe in being a person who can do everything to to make things better I'm a person for change and I'm maybe a young man who is old fashioned but if u want to piss me off try it I dare u not get too far with me cause I'm here to help not argue.

Kanye West should NOT have done that to Tayler Swift

begging for money, poverty, boosts much appreciated, sorry 

I think as the world getting more and more popular and competitive it like the world is being more successful and some not but I do understand that being a person who know more about the world more than eveyone else it look like my life is going to make a more positive on being who I am as a person a human being and a good friend who believes in change it not easy but I will remain strong always.

in this time like this people who act backwards dumb and just stupid it look like people don't care about folks who how to fight their own battle or fight for being them i care about what people want to help me be but sometime i better do this alone and to be honest i'm not them

i'm me and that what i do to be


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the deep state

ok, this is epic