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Every time I see the police doing something like this it like it getting somethings I really get confused by and to my knowledge of it that straight old bullshit and a loaf of crap

Well here it is a new day and a new dawn it been a long struggle to do this and it look like the world need saving so it time to be a good hero that the world need it not easy but it looks it time for a quick call to action cause this time we not looking back,ever.

Struggling to make it in this world is like washing colors clothes sometimes it has many more years to wear in a good condition but if u mix with white in bleach it becomes more faded when ready

furious man continues building computer despite fucking up 

Hey people it been a while since I left Mastodon but now I'm back and just decide to be here once more I can get a doubtful but what goes on in life but I'm trying to live my life and adjust it like always it not easy but it my life and if I have to do something about it I got to do it it my prerogative it my way or not so I just hope things will be better and different so one day I learn from it sometimes you listen to your heart not your head and to honest that what going to be,starting now.

Hey people

It good to be back here on Mastodon I been trying to find a way to start something completely different and new I tried others I want to be as my own self but it difficult plus since I decided to leave both Facebook,Twitter,IG,all of the social media sites that becoming more and more less for good and I wanted to give a voice for the people who can't I still believe in free speech but sometimes you have to be neutral, unbiased,never take any sides,but for now let see how it goes.

suspended all kiwifarms & gab instances. this message is pretty much just for smolshrew

If u read this I want to let everyone know I'm not a liberal, I'm not a communist,I'm not a fan of being argue and I'm not a fan of being a someone who being more than a jackass I'm a person who believe in doing what's right and doing the right thing I believe in being a person who can do everything to to make things better I'm a person for change and I'm maybe a young man who is old fashioned but if u want to piss me off try it I dare u not get too far with me cause I'm here to help not argue.

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the deep state

ok, this is epic