can we have a moment of silence for knzk, like, right now

how would you shape piss into a cat. hypothetically speaking

The literary origins of pissposting can be traced back to Chaucer, and the prologue to the Wife of Bath, in which frequent associations between the titular Wife and the steamy yellow fluid can be read both as an example of the misogyny prevalent in Chaucer's time, or alternatively, in the eyes of some critics, as a biting satire of the social mores of the time. (1/?)

sitting on my own dick and pissing inside my ass, and nine months later giving birth to more piss out of my ass

hello, this is not actually garfield. we are simply a community of garfield-supporting or garfield-adjacent fans who want to carry on his legacy while he does British Things. we plan to hand full control of this account over to the real garfield "garfiald" garfield when the time comes.

in france, the word for "pee" is "oui" and i think that's beautiful

Pissée Uriné's Theory of Piss and Modern Literature Criticism in the Piss Community: A Thread

the deep state

ok, this is epic