i know it's wrong to have feelings but i have a crush of a romantic and sexual nature on kasia

oh great, kids outside playing sports. maybe one day they'll grow up and realise the only real sport is being very good at kissing women, which is something i do all the time

we live in a society where girls and the government dont like me

oh, the bible? i think you mean science (science is my bible) and science says there aren't gays so

if you're 'easily offended' please just dont interact with me, i like to say the truth and also the 'cum' word

one time on the playground i saw someone teasing someone else , but i didn't do anything because im not the protagonist in this story, no way, im ambivalent and have a dark side

im not like other guys i sometimes have two burgers instead of one but only when im very hungry >.<

i dont really understand homosexuality like as an activity when there are perfectly good alcohol bars that I'm legally allowed to drink at

is it actually wrong to say something hurtful i mean like they're just feelings

*sigh* another day of being smarter than literally everyone but not in the vocabulary

LARPing? do you mean everyday life in this cruel world

my mum keeps asking me to help her with the shopping and im just like "what are you for?" 😂

a lot of you don't seem smart enough for my sense of humour which isn't shocking to be honest, most people are too dumb to get my jokes

dont talk to me if can't control your feelings to the point where you have to 'make art'

the deep state

ok, this is epic