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in a perfect world a elephant gun is a gun that shoots elephants

crossing out the grilling on a grilling and chilling apron, and adding chilling in its place instead. satisfied i go inside and turn on the air conditioning.

do you little monsters make burgers with buns or bread

*pulls basketball cap and chair backwards* lets talk about the real "n word" kids, its "nutrition" and it can help you trigger cucks even better than the other one

the battle of the century, which number will triumph?

the battle of the century, which number will triumph?

to borrow from the immortal words of the legendary chief joseph of the nez perce, one of the most notorious shitposters of his time:

i shall tweet no more forever


delivery man walking up, asking if you want the shadows delivered here at the front door or around back at the cabal loading dock.

allegations that i belong to some kind of shadowy cabal that manipulates the culture of the fediverse are false and could not be farther from the truth

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the deep state

ok, this is epic