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i take 300mg of spironolactone and drink a pot of coffee a day. if you get between me and a bathroom you are getting pissed on.

McCain claimed he was a maverick...and yet he died just like everyone else. Interesting.

Vision... Enhance! Vision... Enhance! Zoom in! Let me see those feet

big news day, it turns out fire is not very good in combination with wood that has been drying out for 1,000 years


what about the lords building? thats right, caves full of bones and rhythmic breathing from deep within


preliminary results of a long term double blind placebo test suggest that being nice rules

theres a building in bubblegum crisis that says piss on it. here it is. enjoy.

browsing /r/targetedshirts/, a sub that catalogues those autogenerated facebook tshirts.

here are the best ones so you do not have to sully your browser by going to reddit

valid to be a huge fucking idiot and a fuck up

climbing into a mech and cursing my nemesis, who is also my long lost brother. my boobs bounce angrily.

life update: looking upon the printed word has caused my cranium to be suddenly besieged by aches of the head

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the deep state

ok, this is epic