i love the part where jimmy stewart looks straight into the camera and says "it looks like i've got a bad case of vertigo!"

@laurie oooh I love his hitchcok work. Specially in psycho where he looks directly into the camera and says "gee I sure am a psycho!"

@Zoe @laurie don't forget that classic moment in Dial M for Murder when Jimmy Stewart dials M and is then murdered

@Zoe @laurie Subtlety was not Hitchcock's forté. The birds is worse. They go outside and say, "damn, that's a lot of birds"

@remulacfrommars @laurie my favorite is his short 'Rope' where the two leads just look into the camera and say "Oops we're gay!" and then it just smash cuts to black

@remulacfrommars @Zoe @laurie [John Forsythe voice] "The trouble with Harry is that he's a corpse and nobody knows what to do with him!"

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the deep state

ok, this is epic