The Restaurant De La Pisse is located inside of the black hole.

My little brother is getting his wisdom teeth out today
Boost this to wish him good luck
I want to show him a post with numbers damn it @vy

the coffee is... brewing at the moment.

please enjoy these complimentary seat covers made from the finest Parisian waxed paper!

this is Bräxtdon. like all of our servers, he has completed a rigorous twenty-minute training to that involves distinguishing between food and not-food, serving classy high-end patrons, and denying knowledge of anything & everything if the cops show up.

come to Piss Restaurant where service is always,, Number One. . .,,,. .

@manager is there a dresscode for piss restaurant? I'm excited to bring my lovely wife deborah to this establishment

heartened to see that this establishment has scored a food hygiene rating of five out of a possible five... my mind is completely at rest on the subject

the soup of the day has a very distinctive flavour... a little thin perhaps

@manager oh no it's fine. thank you everything's lovely. do you think we might have another bottle of the '97

your server will be with you in a moment. allow me to nonchalantly leave you with our wine list for your perusal...

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the deep state

ok, this is epic