someone should give me a salary to do whatever i want all the time. thank's

piss baby? party of one? your table is ready.

a massive fucking bitch? in my brain? it's more likely than you think!

hey fellas is it gay to piss? you’re literally expelling bodily fluids through your genitals

The literary origins of pissposting can be traced back to Chaucer, and the prologue to the Wife of Bath, in which frequent associations between the titular Wife and the steamy yellow fluid can be read both as an example of the misogyny prevalent in Chaucer's time, or alternatively, in the eyes of some critics, as a biting satire of the social mores of the time. (1/?)

hey can y'all watch my glass of pee while i'm gone for a bit? gonna go to bed. thanks in advance. glad i got such a good community to take care of my stuff. goodnight!! im clockin out

what happens in piss restaurant stays in piss restaurant

really want polls so i can make a poll and ask who here has actually tasted piss and people can answer anonymously.........

if a pissant queefs but it doesn't pop off, does it make a sound?

As Thanos snapped his fingers, half of all life in the universe turned to piss

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the deep state

ok, this is epic