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when I see a toot sometimes I'll fave it, other times I'll boost, perhaps I'll even leave a comment, or maybe do none of those things and let it pass by. Anyway just thought I'd share a little about myself today

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There’s a time for posting, and there’s a time for apologizing.

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So anyway, a little about me, I’m the goth shrew

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people are seeing my toots but not faveing them. There is a disconnect somewhere.

My favorite part of The Joker (2019) is when the taxi almost hits him and he says, "EYYY, I'M JOAQUIN HERE!"

I think “What is skanking? I saw that phrase a lot”

The Democratic Party lemmings think nothing of tearing my red hat of my hat and spitting on me, damaging my car because I have a MAGA sticker

Coming up with new and exciting ways to get people pissed off at me

@sophia sophia how do you manage to get horny replies even on a post like this

So my one vice is kayaking by myself! Fucking divorce me just because I blow up an inflatable kayak, take it out to the lake once a week, and fantasize about every waitress I’ve ever encountered in my life? Cancel me just because a team of divers found my wedding ring and a couple used condoms at the bottom of the Pacific? I think that would be “cheating on” me.

Sorry for my absence! I was trying to be nice to my grandkids but those Hacks wouldn’t have any of it

Back in my day we didn’t even have a coochie book but we made do!

I'm a 27 turned 28 single guy who interested in foot fetishist,pedal pumping and just looking for girl who like feet and just living there life driving fast.

The Righteous Gemstones 

PSA for fellow men 

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the deep state

ok, this is epic