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I’ve deleted the post and I have apologized publicly

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people are seeing my toots but not faveing them. There is a disconnect somewhere.

I don’t actually think any cryptids are online

inside of me there are two wolves: dick wolf and wolf blitzer. that's right, it's me: dick blitzer

*Jeb Bush twerking in the mirror* “please clap”

I’m 69 inches tall. Yes, I believe US customary units are superior to the metric system, why do you ask?

“I came up with a strategy to come up mathematically” -Rick Ross

Hey folks I’m goth shrew can I get some boosts

Cool things about goth shrew:
- I’m the goth shrew
- goth shrew clout
-get to be goth shrew everyday

trans dating stats 

When people online tell you to “imagine” things you just say no!

listing my views as "apolitical" on my facebook profile so my friends know that I don't give a fuck what happens to them or anyone else either

You gonna ask me to hush my pain regarding racist exploitation then grow up and say it with your chest. Don’t cower in my dms🙄

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the deep state

ok, this is epic