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when I see a toot sometimes I'll fave it, other times I'll boost, perhaps I'll even leave a comment, or maybe do none of those things and let it pass by. Anyway just thought I'd share a little about myself today

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There’s a time for posting, and there’s a time for apologizing.

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So anyway, a little about me, I’m the goth shrew

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people are seeing my toots but not faveing them. There is a disconnect somewhere.

the existence of practical kinks for coal mining men implies the existence of impractical kinks for coal mining men

I had a dream I needed a huge piss, and then I woke up and had one, lmao, anyway do we have any piss fans in the house?

Moving to .social and getting banned for white genocide AGAIN

let me into your discord servers. let me mod them . I want to make my dog an emoji

now to take a big sip of piss and read the news

We reserve the right to refuse service to cops, landlords and FOSS guys

Gonna be the gothest fucking piss restaurant yet

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the deep state

ok, this is epic